Weather plays its part at last


Finally, fine weather for MLT League Cricket.
It was great to get a game in and there were some interesting results.
Daniel Bastiaansen played well for Multiple Scoregasms in their win over RSA Firefighters.
He scored 50 and took three wickets for four runs off his first over in the match.
Blk & Blu had a couple of up-and-coming young stars play for them.
Quin Moylen got two wickets in his first over and Carl Graham took one wicket and two catches. Watch out for these young guys.
Not sure who the umpire was but he allowed Geoff Wallace of 3-Star to score 68 runs _ well done Wally but that’s about 14 too many.  Misfits went on to win by 12 runs.
We will be playing this Wednesday (weather permitting) and to the guy on ground nine, you are supposed to bowl with your clothes on.


MLT League Cricket results from
Wednesday, December 21.
Section 1
Hoof Hearted beat Bring Back the Biff by default
Where’s the Beers beat Casualty
Multiple Scoregasms beat RSA Fire Fighters
Cunning Stumps beat 0900 Losers
Misfits beat 3 Star
SMPU beat Longford Tavern

Section 2
Instant Regret beat TNC Redbands
Cream Teaser beat Spongey Puds
Bring-a-jar beat Candy Bars
Broke Bat Mountain beat Got the Runs
GASS beat Blk and Blu
Morihiku Haulage Te Tipua beat Gang Green
Waipahi Warriors beat Pick 6 by default
Free Ballers beat Southern Men by defaultlatest Nike release実は結構ヤバい!恋愛依存症の女性の特徴5選