Blokes shed moving, but not far


The Mataura Blokes Shed is moving next door to a bigger premises.

The blokes shed is housed in part of Taylor Auto and is open on Wednesday mornings.

The shed is to move to a larger area within the same building.

The idea of creating a blokes shed was put forward by the town’s three churches.

Mataura Presbyterian Church minister the Rev Tau Ben Unu, the town’s family worker John Ranstead, Mataura Christian Church leader and Mataura Community Board chairman Alan Taylor and Living Well pastor Mike Whale were driving the project.

“It was getting fairly cramped where we were,” Mr Whale said.

The other reason the blokes shed moved was that the auto businesses needed to expand.

There could be between 12 and 15 people attending the weekly get-togethers, he said.

Wyndham and Districts Community rest-home residents were among those who attended from time to time.

The new, spacious room would allow those attending in motorised wheelchairs and with walkers more room.

Mr Whale said there were three regular participants in motorised wheelchairs.

Some of the equipment, such as work benches, would be refurbished.

Participants were kept busy repairing a variety of items for the community, such as furniture and toys. Members repaired toys for the Hope Preschool.

Other items repaired were motor mowers and rotary hoes.

There were plans to refurbish items and put them on display in the showroom area, Mr Whale said.

The gatherings also provided a social outlet for men.

“Men talk when they are doing something,” he said.

The blokes shed provided men with a place to use their skills to help the community and also provided a learning environment.

“There’s a lot of knowledge with a lot of older guys that are coming.”

One of the highlights of the gatherings was morning tea, Mr Whale said.

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