Coffee club captures enthusiasts imagination


A coffee club for people over the age of 60 has grown from 13 to more than 60 members in its five-year history.

The success of the club exceeded its instigators’ wildest dreams.

Members gathered on Wednesday at the Gore RSA for a celebratory fifth birthday lunch.

Gore Presbyterian SupportLink co-ordinator Patricia Officer Young formed the club, which meets once a month at different locations.

“It’s absolutely amazing, I never dreamt it would get this big,” Mrs Officer Young said.

Everyone was welcome to attend and they were also able to bring a friend to gatherings.

“The more the merrier,” she said.

That the gatherings were not structured and they provided a forum for relaxed get-togethers were among reasons for the club’s success, she said.

As well as the monthly gatherings, a mystery bus trip was held once a year, she said.

One of the original members, Sally Hannibus, described the coffee club as “going really well”.

Mrs Hannibus and her husband John attended. Mr Hannibus was one of only about four men involved.

“It’s nice when men do come,” Mrs Hannibus said.

The club usually met for morning tea.

Fellow member Laura Hymen said the birthday lunch was very friendly.affiliate tracking urlNike News