Battle . . . Ex High centre Suz Black looks to feed the ball into goal shoot Eden Millan as she sets up her hold against the Rata defence during the Southland Wide League final last week.

Ex High Red came out on top in a double over-time thriller in the Southland Wide League final last week.

The undefeated side beat Rata 29-27 after being tied up 25-all at the end of regular time.

Two periods of four minutes were played and the sides still could not be separated at 27-all.

Either team needed to be two goals up afterwards to win the match.

At the end of over time, the match resumed under the post where Ex High goal attack Ella Harrex had the ball.

Goal shoot Eden Millan took the ball from Harrex, scored a goal and Ex High went one up.

It was Ex High’s centre pass and Millan scored again for her side to be two goals up and win the league.

Coach Colleen Bond was immensely proud of the heart her side played with

“To go through unbeaten was pretty special – I’m really proud,” Bond said.

Heading into the extra periods her message was clear.

“It was just reassuring them being positive in the fight – they were still in the fight, needed to empty the tank and look for the defence.

“It was a real fight and a real final.”

Goal defence Ashleigh Smith was instrumental in the match and tied up Rata’s shooting circle with goal keep Jamie O’Neill.

Smith had a huge work load bringing the ball down court and Bond described her as “outstanding”.

Ex High played catch-up netball for most of the game after being 6-0 down at the start of the first quarter.

“We got off to not a good start, there were turnovers throughout the game.

“They just needed calm and to look after each other . . . not be predictable and change how we move to the ball.

“They pulled themselves out of it . . . it was just the top two inches, looking for our own players and getting it down the court.”Asics shoesBěžecké tretry Nike