Bonding... Oxford St Kindergarten teachers (from left) Sarah Barclay, Hayley MacMillan and Katrina Blondell take part in this year's Vodafone Workplace Challenge.PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The teachers at Oxford St Kindergarten in Gore like being first.

That shows in the fact that their team was the first to register for this year’s Vodafone Workplace Challenge.

The team – Hayley MacMillan, Katrina Blondell, Sarah Barclay, Jo Wilson and Stacey Young – were the first to register last year too.

Their eagerness to take part in the challenge, and competitiveness when it comes to the activities, comes out loud and clear.

“If we work out we’re second, we’re like, oh no,” Mrs Blondell said.

But they do not let the competition get in the way of having fun.

“It’s competitive but it’s definitely not serious,” she said.

“A big thing for us is just having fun.”

Mrs Blondell, Mrs Barclay and Mrs Young have been taking part in the Workplace Challenge together since it started six years ago, and love the team aspect.

“[Having team-mates] makes you accountable. It’s a good team-building exercise.”

The teachers regularly incorporate physical activity into their teaching programmes: the children are active outside with ball games, soccer, shooting hoops and running races, and inside with music, movement and yoga.

They are hoping to use this year’s challenge to help get them ready for the warmer months.

This year’s Vodafone Workplace Challenge is offering a chance for workplaces to not only get more physically active, but to try out an array of different non-physical activities too.

Sport Southland chief executive Brendon McDermott said taking a wider approach this year recognised how important overall wellbeing, and particularly workplace wellbeing, was in the community.

“It gives people opportunities to not only challenge themselves, but also broaden their experiences and, hopefully, help build good habits to improve their overall wellbeing,” Mr McDermott said.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer such a wide range of activities and challenges, none of which would be possible without the amazing support of our sponsors and supporters.”

Instead of counting minutes, participants will register their activities on a challenge board. Points will be awarded for teams completing those challenges.

Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges will be offered across a range of activities.

To register for the Vodafone Workplace Challenge or to find out more, visit the website at

It starts on September 3 and runs for four weeks.Best jordan SneakersNike Shoes