‘Lilliput Library’ installed in park


A Lilliput Library has been installed in the Dolamore Park camping ground in response to a camper’s request.

The small-scale libraries are named after the fictional island of Lilliput in Jonathan Swift’s 1726 tale Gulliver’s Travels

In the story, the people of Lilliput are about one-twelfth the size of Gulliver.

Dolamore Park caretaker E.J. Brandish said one of the campers finished reading his book and was looking for another one to read.

“He was hoping that there was some kind of book exchange and that gave me the idea,” Mr Brandish said.

When Mr Brandish approached Gore District Council events and promotions officer Emma Carle she suggested a Lilliput Library as the solution.

Ms Carle gave him a small cabinet and Mr Brandish approached the teachers at Akoranga Preschool, where his daughter Sadie (4) is a pupil, about decorating the new miniature library.

“All the kids in there put their handprint on it,” Mr Brandish said.

Arts Murihiku is promoting Lilliput Libraries in Southland.

The group organised for the Invercargill MenzShed to construct the book houses and materials were provided by PlaceMakers.

Arts Murihiku arts advocate Lisa Tou-McNaughton said Lilliput Libraries were a great community arts project.

“They bring life to a community with colourful painted book houses and at the same time encourage people to read,” Ms Tou-McNaughton said.latest Running SneakersSneakers