Little adjustments to car a Valiant effort

Family Wagon... Motoring enthusiast Carl Little's 1968 VC Valiant is used for everything from ball photos to a weekend snooze spot for his youngest son. PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

A family wagon was what Carl Little was looking for when he came across his 1968 VC Valiant.

Mr Little said the vehicle belonged to a friend but spent most of its time in the garage.

He said he had asked his friend if he could have first option if he was ever going to sell it.

“He approached me less than six months ago and said he wanted to get rid of it and I ended up doing a swap with him with a Holden Clubsport that I had,” Mr Little said.

“He wanted the Valiant to go to a good owner, a good home; he didn’t want some young fella to wreck it.”

Mr Little said one of the previous owners had done the majority of the work on it, such as repainting, so the vehicle was pretty tidy when he got it.

“The motor was pretty messy when I got it, so I tidied that up in the time I’ve had it.”

The Valiant now has a slant 225 engine.

Mr Little said the car was good to drive.

“The suspension and all that has been done on it so it travels on the road exceptionally well. I drove it up to Oamaru the other weekend and that’s probably the longest drive I’ve taken it on and it just runs sweet, no troubles at all.”

Mr Little said he tried to take the car out every weekend, or at least every second weekend.

“On Sunday I usually take my youngest son, who’s 3, with me and put his car seat in the back and he often has a snooze in the afternoon and we go for a drive.”

The car also had an outing for a ball Mr Little’s daughter was attending.

Mr Little said he had grown up with V8s and old-school cars, so older cars had always been in the family.

“To be honest, I like them a lot more now than the new cars, because there’s just so many things that can go wrong with the new cars.”

“With the Valiant you can fix most things with a bit of No8 wire, and that’s what they’ve got the reputation for.”bridge mediajordan Release Dates