Museum options wanted


The Wyndham and Edendale areas to start thinking about what kind of museum they would like, Wyndham Historical Society president George Taylor says.

A successful concert fundraiser on Saturday night means the Wyndham and districts museum rebuild fund has more than $100,000 in it.

The former building was classified as a potential earthquake risk and the museum closed.

A Southland regional heritage committee team is photographing and cataloguing more than 11,000 items which are part of the museum’s collection.

The details are being entered on the museum’s website and the items being packed away ready to be shifted to the new museum building when it is found.

Mr Taylor said the committee had been consulting with Southland District Council roving museum officer Jo Massey who suggested the community needed to decide what the new museum would provide.

“She said ‘.. do you want one that’s for kids, do you want a local community one, or do you want it for tourism? Do you want it to be sustainable, interactive, big, small?’

“That’s the kind of thing the public needs to think about.”

The committee had been investigating different options but once they knew what they wanted in a museum that would help them work out the best option.

“We’re not deciding yet where it’s going to be.

“Along the way the options will fall by the wayside as the kind of museum [we want] becomes clear and then it will almost answer its own question where we’re going to have it.”

The committee had not discussed how it would consult with the community yet but a public meeting could be held in the next few months.

“It’s really important to me to ask what [the community] wants,” Mr Taylor said.

He was delighted with the concert and auction which raised about $17,000.

“The crowd were absolutely fantastic and really dug deep into their pockets to make sure all the contributions that local companies had put up were all sold.

“The amount raised was more than the retail value of all the products and services . which was really generous of them,” Mr Taylor said.

The committee had been fundraising for two years.

“We’re not finished fundraising yet.”

Ms Massey said she would be holding workshops to help the committee on its journey to finding a new museum.

“I need them to think about what they would like if they could have it .. the dreaming stuff.”short url linkKamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Wows in Coat at Inauguration News