Great Day . . . Coming together Members of the Mataura Pony Club Camp take a break from their activities to celebrate the day on Monday. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Battling through the rain and the wind did not deter the Mataura Pony Club Camp members who relished the opportunity to have a new experience with their ponies.

About 12 club members attended the camp, held on Monday and Tuesday at club president Janine Perkins’ farm, near Tuturau.

Perkins said despite the rain, camp members started off with a horse trek through paddocks and bush tracks in the area.

“It’s something different – some of these girls would have never been on a trek like it before,” she said.

Camp member Bella Moody (10) said the trek was her favourite part of the day, alongside spending time with everyone at the camp.

The camp members completed T-shirt art, obstacle courses, showjumping and cross-country jumping earlier in the day.

Camp member Heidi Goatley (11) relished the opportunity to try out cross-country jumping for the first time.

“It was really fun. I’d never done it before – we got to jump really big jumps,” Heidi said.

There were also theory lessons: camp members learnt how to plait their ponies’ hair and tidy them up for showing season.

Perkins loved being able to host the camp and bring members of the club together.

“It’s seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces, doing things, lots of things they may have never done before during the two days together.

“It’s a great way of bringing people together – it’s a very social event for us. All the parents come along to help out and see what we get up to as well,” she said.

She started the camp about four years ago, after recognising her farm had the facilities to host the event.

The club had about 25 members at present and Perkins said there were a lot of young riders coming through.

“The numbers are very good at the moment. We’ve got lots of little ones coming through who we are helping get them ready for their certificates.

“It’s great. The club’s really stepped – everyone’s getting excited about riding.”bridge medianike fashion