Project puts museum online


Fifteen hundred down, 10,000 items left to go – these are the numbers facing a team putting the Wyndham Museum collection online.

A Southland Regional Heritage Committee (SRHC) team of Tiffany Jenks, Rosemary Jackson-Hunter, Dani Lucas and Laurence Le Ber have been working on Project Ark with Wyndham Historical Society volunteers for the past three months.

Ms Jenks said the team was not only entering the museum collection online but packing it up, because the museum had been classified as a potential earthquake risk.

“People can’t [go to the museum], so we put it online,” Ms Jenks said.

Staff were using E-Hive, a museum collection management software.

Many details for each item – including the date of the object, its condition and where it came from – were entered into the database, as well as a photograph of it.

“It’s such a big project, with a lot of components.”

It took anywhere from half an hour to half a day to process each item.

Earlier in the project, E-Hive staff had contacted the museum to ask if it would like to choose an object to be the millionth item up on the collection.

“We chose the Menzies silver tea to go up.

“It was very special because they have a lot of other museums from all over the world – for them to choose Wyndham.”

It was expected the project would be finished about June next year.

The SRHC had the goal of putting the items in all small museums online.

“So thinking long-term, that might take 10-15 years to get around everyone.”

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