RSA to mark Armistice Day with service


World War 1 was called to a halt after the signing of the Armistice treaty between Germany and the Allied Powers.

The guns of WW1 fell silent at the 11th hour of November 11, 1918.

This was the fourth surrender of a central power in WW1 following the surrender of Bulgaria, Turkey, Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The signing of the treaty was greeted with celebrations across the world.

Tomorrow at 11am, the returned servicemen of the Gore RSA will meet at the RSA in Civic Ave to remember Armistice Day.

Gore RSA manager Steve Brinsdon said they celebrated the day each year.

“The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we do it every year,” Mr Brinsdon said.

“We have a memorial service at 11am on the dot which signifies the end of WW1 and the Armistice treaty being signed,” Mr Brinsdon said.

“It’s just to commemorate the 99th anniversary. We are building towards 100 years, which will be next year, and we will probably do something a bit bigger for that.”

Mr Brinsdon said the commemoration was much like a dawn service except later in the day.

“It’s not as formal though.”

Members of the public were encouraged to attend the service and pay their respects.

“It’s really important to everybody because if we forget the past we may duplicate it in the future.

“We find more and more people coming now. Due to technology they’re finding out their relatives fought in the war, so there’s more interest,” Mr Brinsdon said.jordan release datePatike