Free gift . . .Wyndham resident Marion Boyde found two packets of sunflower seeds in her mailbox with a note encouraging people to plant the seeds and make Wyndham the sunflower capital of Southland. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

A mystery someone is attempting to make Wyndham the sunflower capital of Southland.

Packets of sunflower seeds have been found in residents’ mailboxes in the town.

Ferry St resident Marion Boyd said she found the seeds in her mailbox on Thursday afternoon and had no idea who put them there.

“I think it’s very nice of them to put them in our mailbox,” Mrs Boyd said.

“I wish I knew who it was.”

She had decided to start growing the seeds in pots in the tunnel house rather than planting them in the garden.

“It’s still a bit cold. We still get the late frosts.”

When the plants were big enough she would plant them in the garden which had a tall fence behind it.

“It should be a pretty colour if they do come out. All these faces looking at us.”

A note addressed to Wyndham residents came with the seeds.

Part of it read, “For many 2020 has been a tough year.

“Floods, Covid 19 lockdown and loss of income have affected different people in different ways and the future for some is less certain than it seemed a year ago.

“So let’s make Wyndham stand out this summer by making it the sunflower capital of Southland.”

The note went on to encourage people to accept the gift and plant the seeds if they had room in their garden or pass the seeds on to someone else.latest Running SneakersNIKE AIR HUARACHE