Support through sport


St Peter’s College pupil Nichol Reid (16) is involved in an effort to bring sport back to Kaikoura following last year’s earthquake.

In April he is helping Southland-based International Holistic Development Coaching to create awareness of the benefits of sports, following the earthquake.

The programme would be a part of Nichol’s journey towards a Duke of Edinburgh gold award.

“We will be going into the local Kaikoura High School on Friday afternoon and [will] run four sports for the kids to play,” Nichol said.

The sports for pupils would be basketball, hockey, netball and touch.

IHD Coaching would also host an after-school programme for the school children.

Nichol travelled to Kaikoura last week in the lead-up to next month’s events.

“It was a bit of an eye-opener as I have never seen that kind of destruction up there,” he said.

“There was one road in and one road out and on the road there was a 30kmh speed limit across 82km.”

The year 12 pupil was happy to do his bit in a community that needed it.

“They used to be a good little sporting town. The school had a pretty competitive basketball team but since the earthquake the gym has been yellow-stickered and they can’t go in there.”

“It is nice to be doing something in a community like that, as if I was in the same position I would want the help too.”

Coaching would also join Sport Tasman and sports clubs and organisations in the area for a carnival of sport on April 7 and 8.

IHD Coaching director Tony Fryer said sport played a vital role in the identity of New Zealanders.

“Sports in the area has been facing hard times due to facilities being damaged or destroyed,” Fryer said.

The main goal of the organisation was to create awareness in the wider New Zealand community of how long it could take to recover from a disaster.

They would also look to highlight the impact of a disaster on activities such as sport and exercise.

IHD Coaching believed sport was an important way to relieve stress, meet up with friends and be social, which helped a community stay strong and recover.

The group was looking for sponsors to ensure the event could be free, as well as to cover costs of travel.

The group was also asking for donations of sports equipment it could give to the community in the region.

For information on helping with the visit check out the IHD Coaching Sport Recovery Kaikoura Facebook page.Running sportsBoots