Together we go ... 10km mountain bikers Roger Nicholas and Blair Nicholas (8) heads along the grass after making it up the hill while 10km runner Michael Hunter travels behind. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Crossing the finish line covered in mud and rain did not take the smiles off the faces of competitors at the Glenham Trainwreck Trail Ride on Saturday.

More than 165 competitors battled the rain to compete in the 10km mountain bike, run, walk and e-bike, the 21km mountain bike and run and the 43km mountain bike.

The event began at the Glenham Community Hall and finished at the Glenham School on the hill.

Event co-ordinator Jeanette Howe said the event received a great response despite the weather.

“It was a challenge with the weather – it was wet, which made the track slippery, and there was lots of mud, but everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves,” Howe said.

She said the number of competitors was down from previous years due to the rain, but there had been an increase in the e-bike category.

“It’s only the second year we’ve had e-bikes in the trail so it’s great to have the extra options for people and they seemed to really enjoy it.”

The event took about one year to organise and she appreciated the 50 volunteers who helped as marshalls at the event.

“People generously volunteer their time to help us out. It’s great,” Howe said.

The event was a fundraiser for the Glenham School and community but she did not yet know how much money it had raised.

The event will return on January 18 next year.Buy SneakersNIKE HOMME