Winners . . . Kelly School of Dance students (from left) Brooke McIntyre, Mikaela McRae and Capri Davie have won Asia Pacific Dance Association Top Tier awards. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The hard work and talent of three young dancers has won international recognition for the Kelly School of Dance.

Capri Davie (10), Brooke McIntyre (13) and Mikaela McRae (15) have each received a Top Tier award from the Asia Pacific Dance Association after their dance exams.

Capri competed in the Junior Jazz 2 category, Brooke in Elementary 2 Jazz and Mikaela in Contemporary Level 7.

Kelly School of Dance teacher Amanda Swain, of Gore, said she was proud of the hard work her pupils had put into preparing for the exams.

‘‘It’s just great to see them enjoying dancing,’’ Mrs Swain said.

‘‘To have these children of a local Gore school all get a Top Tier award is just really good.’’

A Top Tier award is given to the three highest results after the Top award recipient.

The result must be within 90 to 99 points to qualify for the award.

The dance school operates all year round.

Pupils work during the year towards their exams.

‘‘It’s rewarding to see the progress of the children.

‘‘They put in the hard work and its very nice to get the recognition.’’

Getting recognised for hard work in a town such as Gore had been special.

‘‘When you live in a small community you think everyone else in the city is so much better,’’ she said.