Complementary clashes

Keen eyes ..... Croydon Aircraft Company director Maeva Smith and Museum visitor experience officer Julie Blackler take in one of the many art-piece’s created by Lynn Grace.

Mandeville’s Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre is home to a style-clashing art exhibition, this month.
The ‘‘Take 5’’ art exhibition by Lynn Grace and Alice Pottinger is both a traditional landscape oil coloured display and an abstract and colourful space.

Grace expresses her art through a variety of media: oil colours, pastels, graphite, watercolour, pen and ink.
Pottinger’s artistic passion resides in free-form art, bringing her spiritual influence to the forefront and placing it in her artwork.

Museum visitor experience officer Julie Blackler loved the distinctiveness of each artist’s style.
‘‘I find this exhibition in particular really exciting because we’ve got a clash of styles, but they complement each other so well.’’
The exhibit allowed the art to live in a vibrant space instead of being piled against the wall in a studio, Mrs Blackler said. ‘‘It’s a good way to get eyes on your art.’’

Twenty-three pieces of art were displayed, 15 by Grace and eight by Pottinger.

Croydon Aircraft Company director Maeva Smith said she was happy with how many people had visited the exhibition. Visitors to Mandeville had come from as far away as Blenheim.

She was fond of the realism displayed in some of the art pieces.

All art pieces on display are available for to be purchased.