Furever fashion fundraiser

Fundraiser. . . A model wears a t-shirt which is part of Jane SutherlandÂ’s clothing range to raise money for the animal charity Furever Homes. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Kingston designer Jane Sutherland is designing a clothing range to help raise money for the animal charity Furever Homes.

Sutherland said she had always loved animals.

“I wanted to work in a zoo as a small child.

” I ended up in the zoo called life instead .”

The idea for wanting to help Furever Homes began several years ago.

” I came up with the idea to create a small line of clothing focusing on sweatwear with an edge towards animals.”

She called the small collection “It’s a jungle out there” inspired by one of her favourite designers.

“I had doubts as to whether I was barking up the wrong tree, as to how the project would be received – time shall tell, but I do hope it continues as I am enjoying the process and most importantly helping the animals.”

The initial print that is on the first drop of T-shirts was sketched by a New Zealand artist now living in Los Angeles.

“She sent me this particular image out of the blue which is of myself and my late rescue dog.”

The human figure had wings.

“I did not expect the wings. It sparked the idea for the first print.”

The wings could be viewed in different ways.

“After taking time, I felt the concept is something all animals lovers can possibly relate to as we all deserve wings for respecting, protecting and loving our own and all animals.”

The garments could be ordered on Sutherland’s website.

Ten percent of the garment price went towards Furever Homes.

Recently, Sutherland has opened her workshop studio to the public.

“It is open when I am working or by appointment.

“I am encouraging small groups to come and visit or if anyone is passing to stop and say hi.”