Touring . . . The New Zealand Highwaymen (from left) Dennis Marsh, Gray Bartlett, Eddie Low and Brendan Dugan get ready to take to the stage. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Get ready to be transported back in time as the New Zealand Highwaymen travel to the capital of country music to perform classic country tunes.

The Highwaymen comprises country acts Dennis Marsh, Gray Bartlett, Brendan Dugan and Eddie Low.

This is the first and likely the last time that all four of these New Zealand artists will hit the road together inone show.

Gore will be the group’s first stop in the South Island during a 19-show tour.

Dennis Marsh, the newest addition to the group, has been singing country music for 30 years, releasing 30 albums.

For Marsh, it is the second-longest tour he has ever done.

‘‘We’re all going to do it together and at the end we are going to come out with our guitars, sit down on a stool and just sing people’s favourites,’’ he said.

Songs from Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rodgers will be on the set list, setting the stage for what will be a classic night of country music.

The concert will be held in June at the SBS St James Theatre.