Moonshine and music inspiration for artist

Janet de Wagt at the Eastern Southland Gallery on 4/8/23 PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

The best thing about guitars is that they can strike up a beautiful chord with anyone.

If you have visited the Eastern Southland Gallery recently you may have noticed a string of guitars on the walls.

They were created by Janet de Wagt for her ‘‘Songs of the Land’’ exhibit and she will host a floor talk on September 3 to give people more insight into the art.

She looked forward to having a conversation with people about her art and giving them a more in-depth understanding of it.

‘‘You get to meet people and talk them about what they think of your work,’’ she said.

People can always see the physical and visual aspect of art but they could learn more through words, she said.

‘‘You can tell them why you did them, where the ideas came from and talk about [the art’s] relationship to New Zealand and Southland.’’

The chance to respond to her audience enlightened her, she said.

Her favourite guitar at the exhibit told a story about Hokonui moonshine and drew inspiration from country and western performer Tex Morton, who was in Gore and quite well-known for his hat, she said.

The guitar featured a painting of the Hokonui hills, Tex Morton’’ hat and a bottle of Hokonui moonshine.

‘‘Rumour has it that he worked at the dry cleaners and another rumour has it that he sold moonshine.’’