Mother returns to art

A room full of flowers . . . Artist Zoe Jarman and some of the flowers she has dried for her art work which has earned her recognition. PHOTO: HELEN MCFELIN

A Northern Southland mother and farmer has found her creative flow once again.

Artist Zoe Jarman said she started drying flowers for her wedding more than a year ago and once she began the task, realised it was time to step back into a creative space after having children.

‘‘After I had my second baby, I was trying to get back a bit of my life.

‘‘I have always been arty since I was a kid doing watercolours.

‘‘I started taking art classes again and pressing flowers,’’ she said.

What followed was art created with her dried flowers winning an award at last year’s Riversdale Arts Mixed Media Exhibition.

‘‘The guest artist chose their favourite artist to give an award to.

‘‘I was really surprised, first thing I put in.

‘‘It feels like you are putting yourself out there.

‘‘It has given me the confidence to go back in this year,’’ she said.

The win had also given her the confidence to join the Riversdale arts committee.

‘‘There are three of similar age with children who have joined recently, so it’s a social thing as well,’’ she said.

With two young children, she said the creative outlet was also about putting herself first and being a bit selfish.

‘‘Harrison (3) weighs in on my work — it is great to see his creative side coming out.’’

Mrs Jarman is also using her creative talent to run on-demand workshops creating dried flower art and wreaths.

‘‘I thought I could do something more with this and that has now moved to workshops.

‘‘I have also done some hen’s dos, which are great fun,’’ she said.

The next step for the Balfour artist was to create a studio space outside the house, as the spare bedroom was overflowing with her dried flowers, which she sourced from her garden and friends’ and family gardens, as well as those that grow wild.

‘‘It is packed and I need the extra space and the bedroom back.’’