Promoting art as stress therapy

For Arts Sake . . . Water colour artist Crosbie Grieve working on art in his home studio in Piano flat. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

Riversdale Arts committee member Crosbie Grieve hopes to see more people take up art as a hobby.

As an amateur water colour artist he used painting as a form of therapy from the stress of everyday life.

“Art is theraupeutic.

“Being out on an apple orchard which is busy enough, art can virtually take me away from that. There seems to be an interest (in art) out there but it’s about getting people started.”

Mr Grieve began his journey with art as a graphic designer in the 1970s .

“I left school very young and got a job in advertising as an artist and I learnt on the job.

“In my day, leaving school and getting a job was an easy thing to do. You could finish a job on Friday and pick up a new one on the following week.”

Before retirement he worked as the Splash Palace aquatic services manager.

“I helped with the developing of Splash Palace in Invercargill.”

“The stress levels were way out of balance and I decided to teach myself watercolour to try to keep my sanity in a way.”

His wife bought him a term of lessons with artist Ping Wang which grew his knowledge with watercolour.

“Watercolour tends to paint itself in some ways. It’s the reverse of painting in a different medium because you are always painting light to dark.”

What he enjoyed the most about the medium was the challenge.

“I’m a realist. I’ve quietly developed my own style with watercolours and I don’t think I would bother painting in any other medium now.”

He enjoyed painting old buildings and farming sheds, he said.

“It’s nice to think about the whole history behind a building. Like, I love old shearing sheds because I think about the thousands of sheep who have gone through the shearing shed and the hundreds of shearers and rouses. I like to give the buildings which are looking a little sad a bit of life in my paintings.”

He was looking forward to painting an old sawmill building he found while on a group walk in Lumsden a couple of weeks ago.

“I tend to think about doing a painting way ahead of doing a painting and starting it. Sometimes I think I overthink a painting.”

There was a small arts group in Waikaia which will start up again this month , he said.

“Its a nice time to catch up with other artists and talk to other people who also enjoy painting.”