Relationships focus of heartwarming musical

Spooky ... Wednesday Addams (Willow Gush) argues with Lucas (Tyler Dowling) during the Gore Musical Theatres’ production of The Addams Family. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS


You may know the Addams family from the television series Wednesday or you may recognise them from the 1964 TV series.

Regardless of where you know America’s strangest family from, the Gore Musical Theatre’s production of The Addams Family will have you clapping, cheering, laughing and maybe even crying.

As the descent into the family’s world begins, familiar faces meet the crowd.

We are introduced to Wednesday (Willow Gush), Gomez (Guillaume Willemse), Morticia (Zelia Horrell), Uncle Fester (Neil McDonald), Granny (Sarah le Roux), Pugsley (Max Matthews and Finn Kelly) and Butler Lurch (Mathew Grace).

From the opening, the dark and eerie feeling you expect from the Addams family is captured.

This feeling does not waver.

The opening set of a foggy graveyard at night-time helps to bring you into the family’s ghoulish world.

Impressive vocal performances and zombie-like body movements by the cast make it entertaining and engaging.

It is a love story and for once, all is not doom and gloom for the family.

We focus on Wednesday and her relationship with Lucas (Tyler Dowling).

Relationships are the heart of the plot and you may be surprised to see how heart-warming the story is for the often heartless Addams family.

The Addams family ancestors pop up throughout the story and play a key role in keeping the characters on track.

All their performances and costumes are on point.

Be sure to keep an eye on what the background characters are doing in the scenes — they are just as entertaining as the main plot.

Director Craig Waddell, musical director Sally Bodkin-Allen and choreographer Nikoia McKelvie have clearly put in hours of hard work into crafting a production that is captivating, engaging and most importantly — spooky.

Performances across the cast are spectacular and if you are yet to catch the production, be sure to get in quick.

It is impressive to see the love, hard work and care that went into creating this wonderful production.