Great Feast . . . Menzies College year 13 pupils sharing a feast after their Shakespearean play performance. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

Menzies College pupils donned Elizabethan costumes to celebrate Shakespeare last week.

Teacher Lucy McKelvie said the Shakespearean feast was a positive way for pupils to experience the classic literature.

The entertainment started with an Elizabethan dance performed by year 13 pupils.

Then year 9, 10 and 13 classes performed plays and they all shared a “great feast” together, before they watched more class performances.

About 120 pupils participated, she said

“We had five English classes and my year 13 class.”

The year 13 pupils performed the play Henry VIII as a family feud game-show rendition.

Year 13 pupils Latasha Retiri and Kassidy Tahana said they were both nervous about performing.

“It’s different in front of an audience,” Latasha said.

Both girls acted as King Henry’s wives.

Kassidy said she could not imagine wearing the costumes on a daily basis.

“The costumes are so different to what we’re used to and they are a little uncomfortable.”

Latasha said questions in the game show were based on material years 9 and 10 pupils were learning about.

It was interesting to learn about how things were back in Shakespeare’s day, she said.

“I think it’s important to read Shakespeare because it teaches us about the past.”