St Peter’s College art pupils have had a taste of what it is like to take part in the opening of an art exhibition.

About 50 pupils from year 7 to 13 have work displayed at the Croydon Aviation Centre in an exhibition which opened on Friday.

Pupil Alexine Rivas said exhibiting gave other people the opportunity to see and appreciate the pupils’ art.

‘‘It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your art and admire other people’s works ’cause at the end of the day it’s something you can be proud of and something you have achieved.’’

Her artwork helped her express what she was thinking and feeling on the inside.

‘‘It’s another way to let it be.’’

Drug abuse was the theme of some of her artwork in year 11.

‘‘I want to express how I felt about it or how others feel about it.’’

Pupil Grace Milliken said it was a special experience to be part of the exhibition.

‘‘These are all people I know and we’re all celebrating the one thing that we all enjoy and it’s art.

‘‘It feel really good to be included in a part of this.’’ One of her artworks was a picture of a Volkswagen Kombi van.

‘‘What inspired it was my dream to travel so I’ve always wanted to travel the world.’’

Pupil Bella Topp said she had always drawn but it was a different kind of experience to see it displayed.

‘‘It’s a bit out of my comfort zone but it’s a good chance.’’

One of her pieces on display was a pencil sketch.

‘‘It was about collaborating things I like to draw into a piece like I really like to draw faces and practising anatomy.’’

She also liked dinosaurs.

‘‘I had to put a little bit of a dinosaur skeleton in there.

‘‘It was really fun to draw.

‘‘It was a bit challenging because I’m not the best at anatomy but [it was] a good experience.’’