The picture book The Teacup Pirates is a curious blend of many of the things dear to Vicki Yarker-Jones’ heart.

Mrs Yarker-Jones, also known as Vicki Purple, held the launch of the book in Gore library on Friday.

About 50 children and caregivers attended the event.

She loved teacups and steampunk and was partway through writing a doctoral thesis about nurses taking care of themselves, Mrs Yarker-Jones said.

‘‘It made sense to make a story about the teacup pirates.’’

The pirates are very small and sail around in a ship inside a teacup.

One day the baddies of the story, The Herbal Infusions, steal the pirates’ cook.

‘‘They have to get the cook back before tea, otherwise there will be no dinner.

‘‘It’s an epic adventure in a kitchen.

‘‘It’s about bravery and teamwork and lots of cups of tea and lots of pirate fun.’’

It took about a year to write and her friend Alice Muir, of Milton, was the illustrator.

Mrs Yarker-Jones’ husband Tom Jones came up with the name for The Herbal Infusions, she said.

She was grateful to the Gore library staff who planned their pirate-themed holiday programme around the book launch.

She enjoyed writing books to inspire children’s imaginations.

‘‘In the digital world we do kind of forget to use our imaginations.’’

It was the fifth book she had written and each one featured a cup of tea.

‘‘I think that’s important.

‘‘You’ve got to stop and have a cup of tea because we forget about our self-care.’’

Her mother Faye and father Alan Yarker had been a big influence in her life.

‘‘Mum and dad . . .opened my mind and opened my imagination.

‘‘It has made me what I am.’’