Winning Smile . . . Win a Garden Make-Over competition winner (from left) Kerry Peters shows her garden to Heaps Landscaping owner Craig Heaps, Campbell’s Garden Centre owner Dione Grant, The Ensign advertising manager Katherine McLennan and HRT Concrete & Landscape Supplies manager Adam Waghorn. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

News she would be getting a garden makeover came ‘‘literally out of the blue’’ for Kerry Peters.

The Tapanui woman, who looks after her tetraplegic husband Graham, was nominated by a friend for the Win a Garden Make-Over competition that ran in The Ensign. Entries closed on October 26.

As the winner, Mrs Peters will receive a $1500 garden makeover from HRT Concrete & Landscape Supplies, Heaps Landscaping and Campbell’s Garden Centre.

Mrs Peters said she had no idea she had been nominated.

‘‘Didn’t have a dickey bird.’’

It had come at a good time as the garden ‘‘could definitely do with a tidy-up’’, she said.

‘‘I’m just recovering from a shoulder replacement.

‘‘I’m not a gardener in any way, shape or form.’’

Her husband was more of a green-thumb and had liked to keep a nice garden, she said.

‘‘His mother and father were amazing gardeners.

‘‘[He] mows the lawns . .. but everything else, most of that he can’t do, so it’d be wonderful to get it tidied up and pruned and all these sorts of things done that are long overdue.’’

He was ‘‘rapt that we’ll get some help’’, Mrs Peters said.

They were both excited to see the end result of the garden makeover.

‘‘It’s going to be great and we’re very very grateful.’’