$1K donation makes sports accessible

Generous ... Mataura Caltex owner John Smith handing Menzies College Principal Kath Luoni the $1000 donation as . PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

Thanks to the Caltex fuelling sports initiative, travelling to and from sporting events just became a lot more accessible for Menzies College pupils and their families.
Caltex Mataura co-owners John and Debbie Smith have donated $1000 to the college through the nationwide initiative.
Supported by the New Zealand Sport Collective, it was set up to help school pupils travel to and from sports games.
Menzies College principal Kath Luoni thanked both of them for the donation.
‘‘With Menzies being rural, [pupils] always have to travel,’’ she said.
The money would help to ease the financial pressure on families who needed it.
A high number of pupils at the school participated in sports and lived rurally.
Mr and Mrs Smith selected Menzies College because of its proximity to Mataura.
Mr Smith said it was good to give the money to a local school.
‘‘We sponsored them last year and we’ve continued that.
‘‘It’s always good to help families get to and from sports.’’
It promoted access to sports for more pupils, he said.
This was the second time Mataura Caltex had been apart of the initiative.
The initiative is run annually by every Caltex station across New Zealand.