The team demolishing the former Longford Tavern is making good progress, project manager Quintin Winsloe says.

Ryal Bush Transport staff started the demolition of the building that was the home of the Gore Country Music Club last week.

In May last year, Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities bought the 7683sq m site, planning to build public housing there.

By Monday, the roof had been taken down and there was one wall remaining, Mr Winsloe said.

‘‘It’s all on track.’’

Once the ground storey was removed, work would start on the lower level.

The demolition should take about four weeks.

More than 90% of the building would be recycled.

‘‘It just doesn’t all go in a hole.’’

As the building came down, excavator driver Tom Officer separated the materials into ‘‘waste streams’’.

The clean timber would be chipped, the metal recycled and the concrete and brick would be crushed and re-used in the project.

‘‘Approximately 8% will be what we call demo waste.’’

Demo work . . . Ryal Bush Transport staff member Rob Drummond hoses down the site where excavator driver Rob Officer is pulling down parts of the former Longford Tavern. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Staff member Rob Drummond kept dust to a minimum by spraying water where the excavator was working.

The asbestos in the building has already been removed by a specialist subcontractor.

When the building was gone, the car park, kerbing and paths would be removed from the site and the services disconnected.

‘‘We leave them a brown field site for their building works.’’

Kāinga Ora Homes Otago Southland regional director Kerrie Young said it was ‘‘fantastic’’ the project was at the demolition stage.

‘‘Plans to build around 20 homes are currently being drawn up and applications for resource and building consents will be lodged in due course, at which point we’ll be able to provide an update.’’

East Gore School pupils and teachers visited the site, watched the excavator working and asked the staff questions about the work.

Pupil Luke Willetts (10) said watching the excavator was ‘‘amazing and cool’’.

‘‘It looked like a dinosaur eating.’’