Wheels in motion . . . The Mataura Community Board have passed a recommendation the town’s swimming pool, which has been closed since 2017, be partially demolished. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Mataura Community Board members will request the partial demolition of the town’s former swimming pool.

A board meeting on Monday passed a recommendation the Gore District Council pay for the demolition of the building, leaving the front part, where there is an office, toilets and a war memorial.

The council shut the pool and so it should be responsible for its demolition, board chairwoman Nicky Coats said.

‘‘It shouldn’t fall back on us to recommend it be demolished.

‘‘We’re just picking up the pieces froma very unsettled community.’’

Wreaths were laid at the memorial on Anzac Day so it was important to preserve that part of the building, she said.

It was time to move forward, she said.

‘‘We’re going to try our damnedest to get a pool established.’’

Board members also passed a recommendation a pamphlet drop be made explaining why it was not possible to reopen the pool.

‘‘I think our residents need to be fully informed about why it is not viable to open the pool,’’ board member Laurel Turnbull said.

Board member Steve Dixon said he had fought for the pool when it was open and had fought its closure.

He would not agree to the pool being demolished unless the community was informed, he said.

A third recommendation was passed asking the council to hold a drop-in session for residents to find out more about the Tulloch Park stage two development.

A zero-depth water feature is planned as part of stage two.

Resident Lisa King told the meeting other towns smaller than Mataura that did not have a river running through them had pools.

‘‘Tokanui, Edendale, Wyndham have got pools for their children’s safety.’’

She used to travel to Gore to swim butit was a drain on her finances and time so she stopped.

In a report tabled at the meeting, Gore District Council aquatic services manager Martin Mackereth said the pool wasclosed in 2017 after consultation with the community because of many operating issues.

‘‘The reality is that the pool needed to be rebuilt from the ground, including all its infrastructure and the building itself, to be compliant and safe.’’

He estimated it would cost more than $5 million.

The recommendations will be considered by councillors at the next full council meeting.