Classic cars to go under the hammer

Collector’s items . . . Organising a classic car auction at the Southern Field Days Site in Waimumu this Saturday are Lynne and Paul Herron. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A classic car auction of this size does not come along very often, its organiser Paul Herron says.

Thirty-two classic cars go under the hammer this Saturday at the Southern Field Days Site in Waimumu.

Mr Herron said people would have the chance to view the cars tomorrow and Friday from 3pm-6pm, and again from 8am on Saturday before the auction began at 10am, starting with classic car parts.

The cars were part of a collection which belonged to Mr Herron’s late friend Robin Dickson and his wife Susan.

‘‘It’s a collection he’d been working on over many years for a long, long time,’’ Mr Herron said.

‘‘There’s a lot of collectors from all over the world that know of Robin’s collection.

‘‘I respected it and I’ve got a good knowledge of what’s in his collection.

Mr Herron and his wife Lynne organised the auction on Mrs Dickson’s behalf to make sure the cars were sold in the best possible way.

‘‘There is quite a variation in the collection. He hasn’t made a specific beeline for just Fords or Buicks or anything.’’

There were Plymouths and Dodges as well as English classics including Austins and a Triumph Mayflower.

A 1953 and a 1959 Cadillac had attracted a lot of attention, he said.

‘‘They’re pretty big impressive cars.

‘‘There’s been a lot of interest in a couple of Mark V Cortina Sports as well.’’

However there was more to the collection than what was being sold on Saturday, with about 40 more cars still waiting in the wings.

Mr Herron expected there would be even more interest in those vehicles, which were older and would be considered vintage rather than classic.

‘‘That’s the really early models — I think there’s a 1902 Rambler and there’s quite a few 1910-12 Model T Fords.’’

There were plans to have another auction for those cars in the future, he said.