Concerns over loose roofing

Speaking out. . . Wyndham residents Graham Carter (left) and Lindsay Anderson are concerned sheets of unsecured roofing iron from a neighbouring burnt out house could fly over the fence in a big wind and injure someone. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Sheets of roofing iron stacked unsecured on the ground and flapping loosely on a house are an accident waiting to happen, two Wyndham residents say.

Graham Carter lives next door to a house which was badly damaged by fire on September 23 and Lindsay Anderson is two doors down.

Some of the roofing iron had been removed by firefighters and left on the ground, but lately the sheets on the house were being moved by strong winds, Mr Carter said.

‘‘A lot of the iron has blown up against the perimeter fence that someone’s put up, probably the insurance company.

‘‘You can hear it crashing and bashing and making all sorts of noise when the wind’s blowing.’’

About 40 sheets were on the ground and the wind had also caused part of the house frame to collapse.

It was only a matter of time before the wind lifted the sheets over the fence and the men were concerned someone would be injured.

‘‘People use this as their fitness walk around the town,’’ Mr Anderson said.

‘‘Four or five weeks is too long unless they’re going to come and put sandbags on top of them to weigh them down.’’

Mr Carter said the situation was ‘‘unacceptable’’ and ‘‘irresponsible’’.

He had tried to contact house owner Ian Eunson but had not been successful.

A New Zealand Police spokesperson confirmed police were not able to help with the problem as it was a civil matter.

The Southland District Council said all responsibilities lay with the property owner.