Council decides to reinstate full recycling services

Cans and plastic milk bottles may eventually go in Gore’s recycling bins again.

The Gore District Council will work towards reinstating a full recycling service, which has been restricted to glass since 2020.

The decision was made by councillors at a full council meeting earlier this month.

Gore District Council chief executive Stephen Parry said the council would enter discussions with the Invercargill City Council to see if they could collaborate as they did before negotiations broke down two years ago.

‘‘Once we have assessed the scope and costs of a recycling service, we will be talking to our community about what it might look like.

‘‘We may come to a point where we might want to have a different recycling offering from what perhaps is currently offered in Southland and Invercargill,’’ he said.

The two district councils did not separate glass, ‘‘but the advice I’m getting . . .is that you need to have glass separated out if you’re going to meaningfully recycle’’.

Cr Glenys Dickson asked if the Gore district could recycle the material itself, a suggestion supported by Cr Nick Grant.

Mr Parry said it was an option he had discussed with Niki Bould, of Ahika Consulting, who is leading the council’s Rethinking Waste project.

‘‘It could well be that we forge our own path, but it behoves us to have the discussion, put the potential costs on the table and put it forward as an option for consideration.’’

Cr Neville Phillips said he would like to see the kerbside recycling service cater to more areas.

Cr Bronwyn Reid agreed and said the council should be helping all of its residents to recycle.

Mayor Tracy Hicks said servicing Waikaka and Pukerau could be considered.

‘‘I think this is a direction we need to be moving in as a council and as a community.

‘‘It will come with cost, but doing nothing comes with a cost and it’s only going to be an increasing cost,’’ he said.

Other recommendations from Ahika Consulting which councillors supported included the establishment of a resource recovery centre, a rethink of WasteNet, that funding be sought from the government waste levy and that awaste minimisation officer be appointed.