Ford vehicles took pride of place in Edendale at the weekend.

The Edendale Vintage Machinery Club’s Crank Up celebrated 120 years of the Ford brand at the 36th running of the event.

Vehicles including Fordson tractors, Ford trucks and the many models of Ford cars were on display as well as other machinery.

Leonie Heywood of Wyndham drove her 1968 Ford Mustang to the show and took part in the Mustang parade.

Her granddaughter Eva Chapman of Edendale, came along for the day .

Day out. . . The Ridder family of Wyndham, Jack holding brother Christopher, 3 and father Terry walk around the trucks on display at the Edendale Vintage Machinery Club’s Crank Up on Saturday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Mrs Heywood and her late husband Garry bought the car in 2006, she said.

“It was my husband’s passion, so it was his wee project”

He had always wanted a Mustang but she also liked the car because it was “an American muscle car”.

“When you’re driving through the country people do turn and take a double look.”

Cruising machine. . . Michael Bonisch of Gore exhibited his 1938 Ford Barrelnose pickup truck at the Edendale Vinatge Machinery Club’s Crank Up on Saturday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The car was left-hand drive and in very good condition inside.

In 2008 Mr Heywood stripped the paint off the car and repainted it with the same presidential blue colour before their daughter’s wedding.

He also had power steering installed.

Mrs Heywood said her friend from Ashburton had brought his Mustang to the event and she thought it would be good to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mustangs.

Her husband would have enjoyed taking part in Crank Up and being there was “nice to honour Pop”.

“He would have been proud.”

Michael Bonisch, of Gore, said he thought Crank Up would be a good first outing for his 1938 Ford Barrel Nose pickup truck, given the event was celebrating 120 years of Ford.

“Hopefully, I’ll get to more shows like this.”

He had owned the vehicle for three years.

“I’ve always wanted one.

“It’s a nice old truck, lots of fun to drive.

“I’ll definitely hold on to it.”

It had the original engine and his brother Simon was repainting the truck.

The crowd were entertained in the central ring by activities including parades of Ford vehicles, a tractor tug-of-war competition and a shearing display.

Crank Up convener Ken Bell said there were plenty of different activities and displays for people to look at.

“It’s a mechanical variety show.”

The club was indebted to the support it received “by way of exhibits or patronage or sponsors”.

Ford was one of the world’s top recognised brands, Mr Bell said.

“Everybody’s either owned or had a connection to some sort of Ford car or truck or tractor.”

A tractor-pull competition in a paddock nearby attracted a good crowd of spectators and was popular, Mr Bell said.

Next year a century of Caterpillar machinery would be the featured brand.