First MLT meeting held since elections

Horace McAuley has been re-elected president of the Mataura Licensing Trust.

At its first meeting on Thursday since the local body elections, Mr McAuley began his fifth term as the president.

Board member Vince Aynsley was elected vicepresident, replacing Bryan ‘‘Bunny’’ Burgess who had held the role for six years.

New board members Craig Marshall and Marc Robertson also attended their first meeting.

Board members were asked to consider three funding requests to The Trusts Charitable Foundation (TTCF).

The Gore Senior Citizens Club requested $9,973.94 to replace vinyl in the kitchen.

Mr Aysnley said he would like to see the group use some of its money in the bank towards the project.

Mr McAuley said it was not a big application.

‘‘Historically, over the years because of who they are, we’ve supported them,’’ he said.

Board member Jeannine Cunningham said she was happy to support the application.

‘‘They are providing a service to many people.’’

Board member Brendon ‘‘Moe’’ Murray said it was not like the group was in competition with the trust facilities.

Mr Marshall said the last lot of vinyl was installed 55 years ago.

The Gore Bowling Club requested $17,159 for a new trophy cabinet and uniforms.

During the discussion, there was a difference of opinion over whether groups should be contributing their own money to a project.

Mr Murray said what money groups had in the bank was often discussed when board members were considering requests.

‘‘Why do we hold that against them?

‘‘If they are good with their money, good on them.’’

Mrs Cunningham said groups should be saving money for the day they might need it.

Mr Aynsley said if groups contributed to projects it would give them greater ownership of them, rather than depending on the trust.

‘‘If some organisations put some money in then we can split more money across more organisations.’’

The West Otago Community Centre Society Inc asked for $100,000 for stage 2 of the project to upgrade the centre.

Stage 2 of the project involves replacing the roof on the main hall and squash courts.

Mr McAuley said he had been assured the group would not ask for more money to complete the next two stages.

Board members recommended TTCF approve grants of $9,973.94 for the Gore Senior Citizens, $16,301.25 for the Gore Bowling Club and $100,000 for the West Otago Community Centre Society Inc.