Friend to felines hopes to tame strays left at the former SPCA

Grub's up. . . Gore woman Lynn Clearwater feeds some of the cats and kittens that live near the former Gore and Districts SPCA building. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore woman Lynn Clearwater loves cats and is hoping to tame the ones which live near the former Gore and Districts SPCA.

Mrs Clearwater was a volunteer at the Waiau St shelter from 2009 to 2018.

About three years ago, she started feeding the stray cats that hung around the shelter.

“I’ve had cats all my life,” she said.

“I love doing it.”

She took over the job from another former volunteer, the late Averley Jackson.

She managed to tame one of the cats, Taffy, and he was now living at her house, she said.

At present, four kittens and two cats turned up for a daily feed.

“I think they were dumped – I’m not sure.”

She was mostly feeding the cats out of her own pocket and was making good progress taming the animals, which she hoped to find homes for.

Several other cats that probably had homes also turned up for free food, she said.

“They get the leftovers.”

Mrs Clearwater had success finding a home for another cat she named Blossom.

“She’s a lovely cat.”

Recently, when she put Blossom’s photograph up on a social media page, a former Gore resident now living in Invercargill recognised her.

“Talk about fluke.”

When the woman visited Mrs Clearwater she was sure Blossom was her missing cat, Metallic.

“[Blossom] had been missing for 10 years.”

While living in Gore the woman had shifted house and in the process lost her cat, who found her way to the shelter where she had been ever since.