Good cause . . . Anna Hillis, organiser of the 24-hour cutathon held in Gore on Friday and Saturday, hands Sue Neiman of Hospice Gore the $6191 raised during the event. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Cutting more than 120 heads of hair for charity just flew by for a group of Gore hairdressers.

Ten hairdressers cut hair through the day and night for a 24-hour cutathon, which started at 4pm on Friday.

Organiser Anna Hillis said by the time the fundraiser finished at 4pm on Saturday, they had given 123 haircuts and raised $6191 for hospice.

‘‘It went really well. I’m stoked. To make just over $6000 was awesome.

She was joined by Taryn Ramage, Nicosha O’Sullivan, Victoria Green, Jade-Emma Walker, Tyler Dowling, Carolyn Leonard, Chantelle Logan, Kara Miller and Sara Robinson.

They were grateful to the event’s sponsors and for the community’s support which had made the event such a success, Ms Hillis said.

‘‘We had people in constantly. There was always someone in the salon.

‘‘People were coming in and donating even if they weren’t getting a haircut.’’

‘‘People just thought it was such an awesome charity to do it for and we’re really happy,’’ Ms Hillis said.

Ms Hillis got the idea for the 24-hour cutathon when she saw a group of sheep shearers run a similar fundraiser for a different cause.

She chose hospice because the free service was not 100% government funded and she thought it would be a good way to help.

‘‘Everyone in their life has been touched by hospice or knows someone who hospice has looked after.’’