Gore pupil wins TV quiz

Before competing in her first television show, Liesl Musto (13) did not give herself much chance of doing well.

However, the Gore High School pupil surprised herself by winning a recent episode of TV2’s children’s quiz show Brain Busters.

Liesl said taking part in the show was ‘‘nerve wracking’’.

‘‘I thought I was going to come last.

‘‘I didn’t even think I could make it to the top two.’’

There are three rounds of questions and an obstacle course in the show before a winner is found.

During the rounds competitors are eliminated, so only the top two are left to compete in the obstacle course.

At the end of the obstacle course, the winner answers another set of questions to determine the amount of prize money they will win.

Liesl won $440.

Her specialist subject was ‘‘spellbinder’’, where she had to spell words correctly.

‘‘What got me out in front was my specialist subject.

‘‘I got four out of the five questions right.’’

Many of the television shows for children involved sport, Liesl said.

‘‘This show was about harnessing your mental ability.’’

She enjoyed the challenge of the competition.

‘‘It was an over all fun experience.’’

She would recommend the show to others, but not if they got ‘‘stage fright’’.

‘‘It’s very nerve wracking being put on the spot [answering] questions.’’

While she waited backstage for about 12 hours, the filming of the show did not take long.

‘‘It goes by really quickly as well.

‘‘It was only five minutes and two people were already eliminated.’’

St Peters College pupil Amy Davidson-Watts came second in an episode of TV2’s television show Brain Busters Kids Quiz. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

St Peter’s College pupil Amy Davidson-Watts (13) was also on the same show as Liesl and came second.

The girls battled it out in the obstacle course.

‘‘My shoe ended up coming half off on the obstacle course,’’ Amy said.

‘‘It didn’t help my chances.’’

She found the show ‘‘fun and challenging at the same time’’.

Some of the questions were hard to answer but it was an enjoyable experience, she said.

‘‘It was great meeting new people and making lots of friends.’’

Both girls, who are members of the Gore Youth Council, said they were ‘‘academic’’ rather than sporty.