Grey Power president seeks home for club

Searching ... Eastern Southland Grey Power president Murray Newton has spent months searching for a base for the club. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

One of the most important pieces of any social club is having a place to call home.
For Eastern Southland Grey Power this is one aspect of their club that is absent.
President Murray Newton said it was an issue not having a base for the group.
‘‘I’ve done a lot of homework on this in the past couple of months and it is very hard to find a place,’’ Mr Newton said.
A space would allow the club to become a social club for people, he said.
‘‘We would like it so our members can come in make themselves a cup of coffee and sit down for a yarn.’’
At present, the club ran an office from Mr and Mrs Newton’s home.
‘‘If we had a base we could run our office out of that.’’
The couple had two printers in their lounge, which was ‘‘not ideal’’, he said.
‘‘Our meetings are at people’s homes.
‘‘It would be better somewhere else.’’
The club had over 500 registered members in Eastern Southland, but it was difficult to determine exactly who was a member, because they did not have a base, he said.
‘‘For all I know, my neighbour could be a member.
‘‘Someone could walk up to the gate right now and I wouldn’t know they were a member.’’
Grey Power actively promotes the welfare and wellbeing of those in the 50-plus age group.