Magical motor . . . Paul Duncan's “Harry Potter car” doesn't fly like the one in movie, but it drives like a dream. PHOTO: MICHAEL CURREEN

The latest addition to Paul Duncan’s car collection looks like something from a movie set.

The car, a 1964 Ford Anglia, is similar to the one featured in the 2002 film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

‘‘My granddaughter calls it my ‘Harry Potter car’,’’ Mr Duncan said.

‘‘The first time she came for a ride, she wanted to know where the button to make it fly and invisible was.’’

The Gore resident, who had not seen the movie at the time, bought the car about 10 months ago after seeing one for sale while out on a drive.

‘‘I’ve always liked them, but I wasn’t looking for one at the time. I’d never had an option to buy one before, so we stopped to have a look.’’

It looked reasonably sad but was otherwise very tidy, Mr Duncan said.

‘‘It was still original, having done only 73,000 miles [117,500km].

‘‘It needed new brake pads but there was no trouble getting parts for it out [from] England, so I bought it.’’

It has a 1000cc, four-cylinder engine which runs like brand new but, unfortunately, does not fly.

‘‘It’s a good drive. We’ve taken it on a couple of runs with the Eastern Southland Car Club, including the breast cancer car run,’’ he said.

He enjoyed taking a car to monthly club events and runs, said Mr Duncan, who owns 60 cars with members of his family.

He was looking forward to taking the Anglia on the 100-year Jaguar run later in the year, he said.