Increased dissatisfaction with roads, stormwater

More people are unhappy with the state of Gore’s sealed roads and stormwater, the Gore District Council’s residents’ survey reveals.

The findings of the latest annual survey of ratepayers’ opinions on council services were discussed at the council’s meeting on Tuesday last week.

It showed satisfaction with sealed roads and stormwater were below target.

The council aims for a 90% satisfaction rating for most of its services, facilities and infrastructure.

Roading aims for a 75% satisfaction rating and council decisions and actions aims for 70%.

This year, stormwater infrastructure recorded a satisfaction level of 64%.

This was the lowest since the survey format was implemented in 2014.

Three waters asset manager Matt Bayliss said low stormwater satisfaction levels were probably linked to thunderstorms and resulting flooding in December.

‘‘There are no quick and easy fixes to resolve the capacity issues in the council’s stormwater network,’’ Mr Bayliss said.

The 63% satisfaction level recorded for local sealed roads was a 5% drop on the 2022 survey.

Deputy mayor Keith Hovell said he would explore these issues in the long-term plan ‘‘to ensure that we actually have a better performance in those areas’’.

Respondents felt roading, recycling, waste services and water issues were the top issues.

Performance targets were met for all council facilities except public toilets, which received an 81% satisfaction rate.

Cr Robert McKenzie did not think the toilets were in a bad state.

Cr Richard McPhail agreed.

‘‘Often you’ll see one or two buses pulling up there and people are lined up on the street waiting to use them,’’ Cr Mcphail said.

‘‘I don’t think they’re really that bad [but] there might be the odd time when those buses are there.’’

The survey noted the ongoing reduced kerbside recycling service in Gore and Mataura and a rural kerbside collection.

These are proposed to be remedied through the council’s long-term plan.