Legal career right for former head girl

Law graduate. . . Smith, Wood, Woods solicitor Emma Johnston is admitted to the bar at the Invercargill High Court last month. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Former Gore High School head girl Emma Johnston has recently been admitted to the Bar.

The ceremony took place in the Invercargill High Court on March 31 before Justice Jonathan Eaton.
She started working fulltime at Gore barrister and solicitors Smith, Wood and Woods in July last year after she finished her studies at the University of Otago.
She graduated with a bachelor of laws and a bachelor of arts.
She was not quite sure why she chose law, Ms Johnston said.
‘‘I’ve always like working with people and I like the variety it provides.’’
Having grown up in the district, she felt it was good to be working in a familiar environment, and working in rural towns had its advantages.
‘‘You get the opportunity to not be pigeonholed in one area of law, so you get to try a bit of everything because it’s a general practice.’’
There were many different options when it came to practising law, but she would not specialise until she had more experience.

‘‘My main goal is to say yes to everything and give everything a go and get as much experience as I can in as many different areas.

‘‘You don’t know what you like and don’t like until you give it a go.’’

She was enjoying working at the firm, and everyone had been very helpful.

‘‘I’m really lucky actually. ‘‘Not every law grad would have such good people around them helping them.’’