Lions Club inspires pupils to recycle

Keeping it green..... (From left) Gore River Valley Lions member Dorothy Walker has been collecting bottlecaps, bottle tabs and much more from Longford intermediate school with the help of pupil Eli Evans (11), Administrator Colleen Allison and pupil Cooper Robins (11). PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

Longford Intermediate School pupils have been getting into the recycling spirit with the help of the Gore River Valley Lions Club.

Bottle caps, can tabs, wine lids and even old spectacles are being shipped off to get recycled.

Lions Club member Dorothy Walker started the initiative and got the school pupils involved to show them the value of recycling.

‘‘It gets kids thinking a bit more about the environment and how they can help,’’ Mrs Walker said.

‘‘Hopefully, it will teach them something that they can do to contribute to their community.’’

The pupils are encouraged to bring items to school to be recycled.

The money from the recycled items contributes to Heads Up For Kids — a charity that gives young New Zealanders financial help to achieve their goals.

Mrs Walker once taught at the school.

She and school administrator Colleen Allison got the children to start bringing recyclable items to school.

Every three to four months, she would collect the recycling from the school, Mrs Walker said.

She hoped if people saw the work done by the pupils they might be influenced to do the same.

‘‘Maybe other schools might begin to do the same.’’

Pupils are also encouraged to bring in any foreign or old money.

‘‘Say you suddenly discover a bag of 20 cent coins from way back . . .You can bring them in.’’

The money would be exchanged at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for legal tender.

Pupil Eli Evans likes the idea of recycling can tabs and has even brought his own to be recycled.

‘‘I think it’s cool,’’ Eli said.

From December 2022 to March 2023, more than $83,000 has been raised nationwide for the Heads Up For Kids charity.