Lunch on the church

Delicious ..... Mission Coordinator Anne Gover and Minister Gary Griffith-Smith are feeding hot soup and buns to the community at the Holy Trinity Church. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

Hot soup, buns and good company are on the menu this winter at the Holy Trinity Church.
The Rev Gary Griffith-Smith and mission co-ordinator Anne Gover are co-ordinating the event, providing people food and company each Thursday.
Soup and buns were the foods of choice for their ability to keep you hot on cold days.
For Mr Griffith-Smith, the food was not the most important part — providing a social space for lonely people was.
He said he wanted the social space to be beneficial to people’s mental health.
 ‘‘We really are targeting lonely people, people who live alone and who think it will be good to get out,’’ Mr Griffith-Smith said.
‘‘It’s really an outreach for lonely folk.
‘‘It’s not a church service; it’s more of a drop-in.’’
He hoped word of mouth would continue to bring people along.

Mrs Gover said it was tough to get out of the house in winter, especially for the elderly.
‘‘They don’t like leaving their fires,’’ Mrs Gover said.
‘‘Because it is winter, it might be a good opportunity for people to get out and have lunch.’’
Anyone was welcome to come along and have a complimentary lunch.
The church ran a similar outreach during the summer months, called Tuesday on Traford St, where soup and buns were replaced by tea and biscuits.
Providing soup and buns became an idea to continue the outreach of the Tuesday on Traford St event.
A church member of 53 years, Mrs Gover got a great sense of fulfilment when people arrived at the sessions.
In the past ‘‘a good mix’’ of people had come along, having a good time socialising.
Those who have come for the high tea, enjoyed the fancy cups and saucers, she said.
The high tea was served as part of Tuesday on Traford St.
The soup and buns will be served weekly on Thursdays, from noon to 1pm next week.