‘My pride and joy’ ready for Vauxhall rally

Still new ... John MacGregor will be driving his 1939 Vauxhall 14-6 in the 40th annual National Vauxhall Rally this weekend. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

John MacGregor loves his 1939 Vauxhall 14/6, calling it ‘‘my pride and joy’’.
Who can blame him?
The vehicle is in completely original condition and its 84-year-old motor still runs as if new.
Mr MacGregor bought the car from John Harrison in 1994, after attending a rally in Tuapeka.
‘‘I went to Lawrence to look at it and I offered $5500,’’ he said.
The offer was not accepted and he was told to come back with a higher offer, as the owner believed it was worth more than that.
‘‘So I left it, then I went back. . .He said if you want it you can have it and so I drove it home.’’
It has been in his garage in Gore ever since, he said.
The car is in original, unrestored condition, dents, backwards doors and all.
‘‘It’s the original paint. It’s got a few marks on it, though.’’
The marks added character to the vehicle, he said.
The vehicle has accumulated 89,000km on the road, 40,000 of them from Mr MacGregor driving.
Until recently it still had the original tyres from 84 years ago, he said.
‘‘It’s been totally looked after.’’
Not many had lasted so long without needing parts replaced, he said.
Next weekend the vehicle will participate in the 40th annual National Vauxhall Rally.
The event is held by the Otago Vauxhall Owners Club.
‘‘I’m looking forward to the trip up the valley.’’
Before that happens the vehicle will need to be cleaned.
‘‘It’s nothing a bit of hot water and soap can’t fix.’’
His Vauxhall was the only one registered with the club that was unrestored, he said.