Star WarsThe Simpsons and Baby Shark theme songs grabbed East Gore School pupils’ attention last week.
The Royal New Zealand Navy Band visited the school on Wednesday during its tour of South Island schools.
The band also stopped in various public areas for lunchtime performances throughout the South Island.
Band members stepped up to show pupils some of the different instruments, including the clarinet, french horn, tuba and the flute.
Pupils clapped and danced along to recognisable pop songs covered by the band.
Director of music Michael Dorwick said the tour was to ‘‘inspire’’ young minds in music and the navy.
‘‘The key thing is to get out and about in our communities and give kids an idea of the navy and what it entails.
‘‘Seventy percent of water covers the world, and the Royal New Zealand Navy covers 11% of that.
‘‘We try to get down South every couple of years as a unit to bring this kind of information to schools.
‘‘We also love bringing our music down here too, as it really connects with the kids.’’
East Gore School principal Wendy Kitto said the school was ‘‘extremely privileged’’ to be chosen to play for.
‘‘We’re very lucky as a school to have this opportunity.
‘‘It’s such an awesome experience for the kids to be taught that music is cool.
‘‘The kids saw plenty of men in the band, they noticed the talent in the room, and they experienced new instruments they’d never seen before.
‘‘It was really cool to see.’’