Wishes sometimes come true and Wyndham School pupils have a new bike track to prove it.

The track was opened on Thursday.

When Catherine Lewis became the school’s principal in 2022, she asked staff and pupils what was on their wish list of items they would like to have at the school.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) staff representative Lynne Trewin shared the ideas with the school’s parent teacher association which decided a bike track was a good project.

A bike track subcommittee was formed to oversee the project.

The loop track was designed by subcommittee members Lyndon Campbell and Brent Muir and was about 300m long.

Mrs Lewis said the track had been in good use since it was finished earlier this year.

‘‘It’s an amazing addition to our school.

‘‘We have it rostered so its senior school one day and junior school the next and we have a group of senior students who are the bike monitors and they get the bikes out for the little kids and make sure everything is stored safely.’’

Community members also used the track after school and at the weekend.

‘‘It’s fab,’’ Mrs Lewis said.

PTA president Louise Liddell said the group was grateful to the many funders and volunteers who made building the track possible.

She did not know how much the track had cost.

‘‘If we had to pay for everything it would have been well over $100,000.’’

Sponsors also provided 40 bikes and helmets.