New directors driven to make a difference

Ceri Macleod, Bernard May and Kristin Leckie have recently been appointed as Gore Health Ltd directors. Directors are appointed from the community and are responsible for the management of Gore Hospital and the delivery of health services to the community. The Ensign reporter Sandy Eggleston asked each one four questions.

Ceri Macleod

Why make yourself available for Gore Health Ltd?

I have lived in Gore for close to seven years, with my husband Alex and our two daughters, aged 13 and

We moved to Gore from Adelaide, Australia, but we are originally from the United Kingdom. I love where we live and want to give back to a community that has given so much to us, and made us feel so welcome.

What qualifications/experience do you have for the role?

I have an academic and professional background in economic development, with a particular focus on sustainable growth and labour market planning. I am employed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as regional lead for the Southland Murihiku Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) – an independent advisory group established to identify and support better ways to meet future skills and workforce needs for our region. Healthcare and wellbeing is one of five priority areas in the RSLG’s inaugural regional workforce plan.

What interests you about the position?

I consider that the quality, availability, and retention of health care provision is of utmost importance to any community. As a Gore resident I am acutely aware that our community needs reliable, quality healthcare provision for the evolving needs of our population.

Not only is it fundamental to the ongoing wellbeing of our community, it also plays a key role in population attraction and retention, and the overall resilience of the district.

What do you expect to gain from the experience?

I feel hugely privileged to be able to play a part in shaping the nature and scope of healthcare delivery locally, and to work alongside the incredible team at Gore Health.

The Gore Health model is innovative and exciting, with an inspiring history that puts our community first – something I am equally committed to.

Bernard May

Why make yourself available for Gore Health Ltd?

I’m passionate about rural communities and truly believe that community-owned assets such as Gore Health are essential to a thriving community that looks after its people and are critical in attracting people and keeping them in the Gore district.

Personally, I’ve been impressed by the quality of the management team at Gore Health. Like any high-performing team, it needs to have strong governance support that ensures this community asset performs and is enduring.

What qualifications/experience do you have for the role?

With more than 30 years of experience leading businesses, I understand the challenges any company has to adapt to and continually evolve to provide services that meet current and future needs and delivers these services exceptionally well.

Like manufacturing infant formula, providing appropriate healthcare requires an understanding of science, quality control, people, and validated processes.

What interests you about the position?

Being on the board allows me to give back to the community, share what I know, and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure what has been established continues and improves. More than ever, maintaining communityfocused healthcare services is challenging; fiscally, service expectations, people, legislative requirements, and crisis management.

I enjoy challenges.

What do you expect to gain from the experience?

The satisfaction of working in a team and making a difference in the community where I live and work.

Kristin Leckie

Why make yourself available for Gore Health Ltd?

I work in health in terms of wellbeing and nutrition, which I strongly believe is crucial to good health along with access to good healthcare.

I have a interest in traditional Maori health and healing modalities.

I also have astrong passion for addiction services and mental health

As a mother of a nurse and provider of massage to Gore Hospital staff I have first hand knowledge of the pressures our health sector workers are under.

I care about people in the Gore district and want good health outcomes for all of our community.

I think Gore Health is a wonderful facility with huge potential to be even better and I’m looking forward to this exciting role.

It’s a great privilege to have been appointed on the board.

What qualifications/experience do you have for the role?

I am a mother of four and a grandmother. I have been on kindergarten and school and sports committees. Having worked in the shearing industry as a wool handler, manager of a bar , at a funeral home and as a massage and skin therapist, I certainly have vast work and life experiences and can relate to people from all walks of life.

I am on the New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies and am an active member of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals.

I come in with fresh eyes and a fresh prospective and can think outside the square.

Wellness is a way of life for me and I believe in the benefits of functional medicine.

What interests you about the position?

I’m excited about the challenge and the future of Gore Health and being surrounded by positive, motivated individuals who come together as a team to support Karl Metzler and his amazing Gore health team who give so much.

What do you expect to gain from the experience?

I just hope to make a difference.