New home made for Gore’s mayoral chains

Polished up ...... Gore Woodwork Club president Stan Fissenden has created a new box for Gore Mayoral chains of office to reside. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS

The Gore mayoral chains of office have been given a new home, courtesy of the Gore Woodworkers Club.
Club president Stan Fissenden was tasked with building a new box to house the chains.
Mr Fissenden built the box from recycled wood that came from the demolished Gore High School hostel.
 ‘‘It fell to me to make it, it was just one of those things,’’ he said.
Van De Water Jewellers co-owner Brad Lamb had been given the task of restoring the box by the Gore District Council but decided to hand it on to the club.
‘‘I’ve been attending the club for a couple of months. I knew they would do a good job,’’ he said.
The old box was dilapidated and past its useby date, Mr Fissenden said.
‘‘They wanted us to fix it, but we thought it would be nicer to build them a new one.’’
Mr Fissenden finished the box in a day and was satisfied with the outcome.

‘‘To make something like this does not take long. It is just a matter of fitting the catches and giving it two or three coats of polyurethane,’’ he said.

‘‘It could not be just a box — it had to have a handle on it.

‘‘The mayor’s got to be able to cart it from meeting to meeting and opening to opening.’’

Mr Lamb said his faith in the club members was justified.

‘‘They have ended up doing a really good job.’’