New principal ready to give support

New adventure . . . Tracey Haszard is excited to take on the Principal role at Te Tipua School. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN

Te Tipua School has welcomed its new principal Tracey Haszard.
Mrs Haszard joined the 27 pupil-strong school last month.
She joined the team ‘‘looking for a challenge’’.
‘‘I was looking for a way to support children more and assist them in reaching their goals,’’ she said.
‘‘It’s an amazing feeling to be able to guide kids in their learning as they grow.’’
She hails from a background of working with youths and was working as a learning support worker in lower Mataura.
‘‘It was a hard decision to leave, but I knew I wanted to take a new step into a role like this,’’ she said.
‘‘I was a bit nervous on the first day. It’s the same as being a new pupil — us teachers get nervous too.’’
Mrs Haszard will be a teaching principal at the school.
She said she was ‘‘excited’’ about the role.
‘‘I was really lucky that the school’s values streamlined with my own personal values, which includes respect, honesty and kindness.’’
‘‘I’m really excited to support and enhance learning further. I don’t plan on changing anything but instead continuing the high standard which the school itself shows.’’
She had already experienced the ‘‘amazing’’ dedication of the staff team during her first few weeks as principal.
‘‘The team here are amazing, they stepped up and took charge while a new principal was being sought out and they’ve helped me settle in,’’ she said.
‘‘The other teachers here are amazingly passionate, they’re extremely dedicated and always improving to benefit the awesome young minds of the pupils.’’
She hopes to get more pupils enrolled at the school and expand classes in future.
‘‘We’re well supported by our board and would love to have some more pupils to fill our amazing class spaces.’’
‘‘It’s a great rural school and I’m very lucky to be in this role.’’