Petrol thefts see move to pre-pay pumps

Petrol stations in Gore could move to a pre-pay model, with one station already doing so, police say.

This is due to drive-off petrol thefts at stations becoming more common.

A drive-off occurs when a person fills a vehicle with petrol or diesel and leaves the station without paying for it.

In the past two weeks there had been one incident reported to police, but Senior Sergeant Gary Iddenten said it had been happening sporadically for a while.

‘‘If you don’t have the funds then don’t go and fill up and then drive off,’’ Snr Sgt Iddenten said.

He understood that times were tough at present.

However, this did not give people the right to steal from local businesses, he said.

Many of the fuel stations are owned by local residents.

‘‘At the end of day the garages have to pay for the fuel like everyone else.’’

If needed, the stations had the ability to switch to pre-pay.

‘‘One station in particular has decided to pre-pay at the moment.’’

Thefts of this nature should be reported to police, he said.

A 31-year-old male was stopped for a breath test in Gore on Saturday night.

During a routine breath check, he recorded a breath alcohol reading of 1047mcg.

He is due to appear in the Gore District Court today.

At 6.40am on Saturday, a white Toyota Camry crashed into a fence in East Gore.

Snr Sgt Iddenten said any information regarding the crash should be reported to police.

Police are also seeking witnesses of an assault that occurred outside Countdown Gore on Saturday afternoon.

The investigation is ongoing.

‘‘A male has sustained some potentially serious injuries,’’ Snr Sgt Iddenten said.

He said if anyone witnessed the incident to contact police — Police 105 or Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111.